The Average American Woman Is Not A Size 16

ONE SIZE FITS ALL THE AVERAGE AMERICAN WOMAN IS NOT A SIZE 16 By Amanda Shendruk June 28, 2018 Despite what you may have heard, the average American woman is not a size 16. The reality of women’s clothes sizing renders any attempt to pin the metric to a single number void of any significance. A woman with a 31-inch (79 cm) waist can go home with pants of size eight, 10, 12, 14, or 16. It just depends on the brand. A Quartz analysis of denim sizes in the…

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Babydoll plus size
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Fall Lingerie Trends 2018

It is officially Fall! Great, now should you update your lingerie collection?  Of course you should.  You deserve it and so does your significant other.  Or for that matter anyone who may have the chance to see your collection. This year the classic babydoll is making a come back.  Not that it was ever gone it is just showing up in new bold colors and exciting new variations on this vintage style.  Don’t be afraid of bright colors such as this babydoll in a cool bright pink or red.  You…

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