Bedazzled Bra Tops

With Summer here it is time to start thinking about what new items you can add to your wardrobe. One of the trending item is “Bedazzled Bra Tops”. These are specifically bras made to be worn as outerwear and not underwear. Besides some of the style being a bit daring, over all these bras they are comfortable and cool for those hot days or nights.

Pink Fur Bra Strap TopAs you might guess there are many different styles with some featuring rhinestones, colorful beads, or even chains.

Madonna Cup Bra Lady Gaga Fireworks Bra Katy Perry Fireworks Bra

Bra tops have evolved from the days of Madonna’s “cone cups”  or even Katy Perry’s fireworks bra (some even forget Lady Gaga also had a fireworks bra).  Not only are these types of bras even more stylish today then ever before they are a great for a night on the town or in that hot dance club you love to go to.

Kari’s Closet has some of the best selections of these “stylish” bedazzled tops that will go perfectly in any party or dance club during Spring Break or beyond into Summer. Some of the design features to look for in these bra tops include a lining, you really don’t want rough surfaces against your breast & nipples; and adjustable straps, everyone has a little difference shape and the adjustable straps will make your fit better for more comfort. After all if you plan to wear one of these tops most likely you will not be taking a spare along.


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