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Ladies: Your Must Have Underwear

Recently read an article about different types of underwear every woman should have in their lingerie drawer. This article stated that there were over 5 million different combinations for underwear. It also stated every woman should have some basic styles tucked away for every occasion. We agree on some of the choices but want to add more you know just in case you also want to feel adventurous and sexy in your knickers.

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Women’s Types Of Panties

All types of women’s underwear or panties can be sexy when worn with your proper choice of clothing or without clothing if you want. Also there is one style, not shown above, which is very sexy and utility at the same time. Finally, one of the main reasons women wear styles other than the classic brief or high-wasted panties (aka granny pantie) is to look and feel attractive and sexy. To that point we would like to make a few… well, points.

So here is our take… .

String or T-String Panties

So let’s start with the “String” or “T-String”. Very little coverage with thin waistband and crotch strap. These type of panties are sometimes referred to as ‘dential floss’ but are great to attract attention in the right setting. As a practical matter, there is very little chance of your pantie line showing on that bodycon dress. So, you wear this style of panties to show off some skin, or much more, depending upon your goal. Of course if you work in a gentleman’s club it is a given, but you might want to do a strip tease for your special someone and the string pantie is a perfect last note.

G-String Panties

Next we should talk about the ‘G-String” pantie. A good choice when you want or need a bit more coverage while still having a minimalist waist band. They are also good at reducing or eliminating pantie lines. The backs of g-strings have more material than the string panties. While this helps avoid showing your ‘plumbers crack’ (also aids in holding your tail feathers aka tips), when wearing pants or shorts, it offers a great tease for anyone catching a peek. Lots of g-string styles offer more front coverage too, with great designs such as pearls, hearts, or lace. The extra material allows for crotchless styles. These can be both practical and sexy allowing easy access whether in a crowded ladies room or looking for a quick rendezvous. Check out some great g-string styles below.

embroidered thong w/rhinestones Red Lace Thong Panties with Pearl and Blue Rhinestone Back Strap Love Thong Red

The “Tanga” style and “Thong” are real close to being the same. We suspect the difference is who is selling them. Both offer more coverage than g-string or string and, as a result, more comfort for sensitive lady parts. Thongs panties should be up front in your lingerie drawer. Not only are they easy to wear all day but offer the excitement of panties that are barely there. Great club wear panties when wearing mini skirts or dresses. There is a comfort in knowing your kitty is not showing when bending over or dancing. There are so many styles of thongs you should not have a hard time finding just the right ones for you.

Polyester/Spandex Micro G-String Thongs Panties Lacy Thong Panties Scalloped lace panties

Sexy C-String Panties

One style not shown above is the “C-String” pantie. These are a bit different since they have no waistband. With the C String your privates are still covered as much as if you were wearing a g-string. You will have no pantie lines with these and you can wear that sheer wedding dress, tight fitting bodycon dress, or one of those maxi dresses with side slits all the way up to your natural waist showing nothing but skin. Most C Strings are made of plastic or bendable metal and surprisingly easy and comfortable to wear. They also make them for men with pouches for their package. The most popular ones come in many colors to match your mood and lace for your feminine style.


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