Mens Erotic G-String Thong Buckle Underwear Lingerie Strap Exposed One Size

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Men’s Erotic G-String Thong Buckle Underwear Lingerie Strap Exposed

Girl N Houston Brand




Men’s Erotic G-String Thong Buckle Underwear

So sexy and SO naughty. Unique design has hole cutout in front to draw your member through and buckle it down.

Shipped from within the U.S.

 Item specifics:
  • Brand:  Girl N Houston
  • Condition: New 
  • Style: Thong, Bikinis
  • Size Type: Regular
  • Detail Feature: Real Working Straps and Buckles Bottoms
  • Size (Men’s): One Size
  • Seller/Shipping Location: United States
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Polyester Spandex
  • Features: Buckle Straps
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Purpose: Underwear

Additional information

Weight 3 oz


One Size

1 review for Mens Erotic G-String Thong Buckle Underwear Lingerie Strap Exposed One Size

  1. James

    Though a mutrial friend of the site, I found out about Kari’s Closet and their vast inventory of lingerie for both men and women. With that said, I was able to find this item in the store. Now, I’m a closet sissy so things like this must be made knowing it is made for a biological male, and most men aren’t really into wearing thong underwear normally, so I started off skeptical to say the least, more so when I saw it was bondage specific, something I’m not used to. But I went ahead to give it a try.

    The first thing you’ll know that it is indeed designed for a man. There is a pouch that holds the balls at the bottom with a hole in the middle that you side yourself into. It made the front very nice to side into. However, it becomes clear that ‘one size is not a good idea as it felt extremely tight around my hips. I get it’s bondage, but it was hard for me to get a good feeling for when I tried it on. It isn’t the worst but anyone who has hips above 36 inches is going to have a hard time wearing this as it doesn’t adjust at all to you.

    And speaking of adjusting, that’s the other issue. Up front you have straps to tie down a man and for the main idea, it does it’s job. I tried to sit up whole wearing this and I had a hard time doing so. I was kept extremely hard while feeling like if I tried to move, I would have my shaft pinched in hard. The issue isn’t the idea, but the placement of the straps. The bottom strap is placed too high to get to the base, leaving a bit too much room at the bottom to truly make it feel like a total C&B torture device.  But I’m the average side, this would be really hard to fit into someone bigger if anyone is say 7 inches or more it may be tough to fit into.

    And this is not something you would want to wear outside. The shaft would poke our at the end, making it rough to hide anything that is going on. It may not make a guy hard, but it also doesn’t allow you to physically move well unless you’re trying to make it harder on the man.

    It does kind of work and kind of doesn’t. For the idea, a dominant person using this on someone would have fun. But if you are asking for anything else than “lay there and take it” then I’m honestly not able to recommend this product. Since I don’t have a Mistress to make me wear this, I wouldn’t really keep this on for more than 5 or 10 minutes. However, if you have a dominate woman in your life and want to try something new, this may be worth it if your body isn’t too large.

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