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The Hot Lingerie Color For 2018

What Are The Hottest Colors For Lingerie In 2018?

Recently read an article asking this question and answering it with quotes from Victoria’s Secret Models.  Much to my dismay, though the tease was for  “Ultra Violet” the piece turned into boring same o ‘ same o ‘ colors, black, red, pink!

While, I love satiny black, erotic red, and feminine pink, there are a whole host of other playful colors that are just as sexy and alluring as the those basic three.

Here are some examples of what I am talking about…

bra pantie set
Sky Blue Bra/Pantie Set


This Sky Blue bra/pantie set by Kissly zhao, is so sexy and would be great under perhaps a wedding gown or a light summer dress.  Black or Red may show through but this subtle coloring with the light accent is great and as I said very sexy.  The embroidery also makes you feel very much like a women.

Of course if you are looking to make a statement in the bedroom you could try bolder colors! While dark red is always a favorite, ultra violet ( a deep purple),  may be just the thing.   2018 Pantone's Lingerie Color Of The Year

After all ultra violet was named Pantone’s 2018’s “Lingerie Color Of The Year”.   This is a lush color that carries a boudoir sensuality recognized by men and women alike.    Imagine a candle lite room. You are wearing your new ultra violet teddy while laying across the bed.  Your partner enters and looking through the dim lighting a royal goddest waiting for them… OK sorry, maybe that’s my fantasy, but it is a great color.     And, you don’t have to be ‘Royalty’ to own some.  I found this great lace halter chemise set including matching panties and blindfold for under $40.00.  This set not only adds this very hot color but the options for additional exploration if you use the blindfold.

Sexy halter lingerie set
Ultra Violet Lingerie Set

So, don’t be afraid to  experiment with your color choices and I promise you will come out with much better selections when you go to select that special lingerie for that extra special night.





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